SmallSat Products

TUI develops advanced component technologies for small satellite platforms such as CubeSats and Nanosatellites to enable these low-cost platforms to conduct high-performance missions.

CAD solid model files of many of these products are available to aid you in satellite configuration efforts.  Please contact us to request access to the file repository.

CubeSat Terminator Tape™
Low-Cost, Lightweight End-of-Mission Deorbit

SWIFT Software Defined Radios
High Performance Communications for SmallSats

PowerCube SunMill™ Deployable Array
80W and 50W Deployable Arrays for CubeSats

HYDROS™ Water Electrolysis Thruster
High-Thrust, Large-∆V Propulsion for SmallSats Using Water Propellant

KRAKEN™ Robotic Arm for Nanosatellites
Compact, High-Dexterity Robotic Arm for Nanosats

RelNav Sensor
Relative Navigation Sensing, Cross-link, and Synchronization for CubeSat Clusters

Integrated Propulsion, Power, & Pointing

COBRA™ Gimbal
Precise 3DOF Hemispherical Pointing for Sensors & Thrusters

Lightweight, Reliable Release Actuator




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